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Welcome to Hassall Alpacas

Magical Alpaca Walks and Experience in Cheshire

Get up and close to our beautiful fleecy Alpacas and make some furry friends! Learn about and lead Alpacas with our magical Alpaca walks and experience.

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Learn about and lead your very own Alpaca!

We offer our Alpaca Walks and Experience with our furry Buddies on
 Weekends from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Weekday bookings for Alpaca walks and experiences are available 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Meet and greet Alpaca sessions available Mon-Fri

See our booking page for further info and time slot availability.
We’re here to make your visit relaxing and enjoyable!


We're all about
a great day out!

Hassall Alpacas provides you and your family with a one of a kind adventure in Alpaca Experiences.  You’ll find our welcoming team and our Alpacas ideal for families with small children or those just wanting to get up close and personal with the our Alpacas… Don’t forget your camera!

The Hassall Alpacas Experience

"Few animals have the ability to make us smile quite like Alpacas.
There's just something special about these cute animals that's so difficult not to like"

Your Alpaca walks and experience will start with an introduction to our Alpacas and some safety pointers ready for your walk, you will then meet your furry buddy and have a little bonding time before heading out into the field.
The walks usually last approximately 30 minutes but can go slightly over depending on how many stops the boys want!
You will need to leave around 90 minutes for the whole experience.
Feel free to take as many SELFIES as you like; the more photos, the better as we run a monthly BEST HASSALL ALPACAS photo competition. To be in with a chance to win, upload your images to our Facebook pagemaking sure to add your name and use our hashtag #hassallalpacas.

Our Alpaca Experiences are the perfect gift for your family and friends!

90 minute Alpaca Walks and Experience

Our 90 minute Alpaca experience begins by introducing you to our adorable furry Alpacas.

Our welcoming team will educate you with some fascinating Alpaca facts and give helpful guidance about walking and leading our friendly Alpacas along.

After you have finished your walk, you will get to reward them with some of their favourite treats. Once you have released them back into the paddock, it is then time to enjoy a complimentary drink and maybe a cake fresh from our very own quintessentially converted horsebox trailer, ‘The Saddlerack’, whilst sitting and watching them relaxing them in our fields.

Alpacas Meet and Greet

Alpacas are gentle, friendly animals that love to meet people.

The problem is that there are not many opportunities to get up close and personal with these amazing animals. Hassall Alpacas welcomes visitors, and interaction with our alpacas, facilitated by our fantastic Meet and Greet sessions.

This is a great opportunity to get to know and learn more about these gentle creatures.

Complimentary drinks included.

What do I need to bring along on our visit to Hassall Alpacas and what should I know?

It's better to be prepared for the best and worst of the British weather!

Suitable Footwear and Clothing

We recommend that you wear walking boots or wellies with good grip. It also may be wise to bring along a waterproof jacket

Come Rain or Shine

Please check the local weather before you visit us to check you have appropriate foot wear and clothing for the day.

Parent or Guardian Supervision

Children under the age of 16 must have an accompanying adult with them. Children under the age of 12 must have an adult holding the lead with them. There must be 1 adult per child under the age of 12.

Please Note!

If the weather is deemed unsuitable/dangerous to trek our Alpacas, we may need to re-arrange your visit. In the unfortunate event that this happens, we will call you whilst providing as much notice as possible.

Fun Facts about our furry Alpaca friends!

The Alpaca is one of the small relatives of the camel and was domesticated by the Andean people for its wool. The Alpaca has a slim body, a small head and BIG, pointed ears. The body of an Alpaca is covered in soft fleece that is very nearly free of guard hair, and their fur comes in a variety of colours. The Alpacas have soft, padded feet that leave even the most delicate grasses and terrain undamaged as they graze.

There are two species of Alpaca; Suri and Huacaya. Here at Hassall Alpacas we currently have five Huacaya Alpacas, Nina, Lucile, Stanley, Ponty and Barney and One Suri Alpaca, Fred.

Around Ninety-five per cent of the worlds, alpacas are huacaya. Their crimpy fibre grows perpendicular to the skin, giving them a luxurious and woolly appearance. Suri’s have straight fibre that curls toward the ground, hanging in a sort of “dreadlock” appearance. With the Suri having a finer, less dense coat, they are not quite as adept at withstanding severe weather.

The Alpaca has no top, front teeth! Male adults Alpaca’s upper and lower incisors and lower canines develop into fighting teeth or fangs that can be more than 30mm in length. The same teeth do not develop as much in females.

Alpacas are known to be the smallest of the domesticated camelid species. Fully grown alpacas usually range from 100 to 200 pounds in weight, their head and body length range from 47 to 85 inches and their tail length range from 6 to 10 inches. Their shoulder height is typically measured at 32 to 40 inches. 

Alpacas need companions!

The camelid family also includes llamas, vicunas, and guanacos from South America and the Bactrian and Dromedary camels from Asia and Africa. It’s believed that the family of animals originated on the North American Plains about 10 million years ago.

Alpacas are known to express themselves with a soft hum and other vocalizations and body language, such as using various neck postures, ear and tail positioning, and head tilting. The Alpacas have excellent eyesight and hearing and alert the herd and their human keepers of perceived danger with a staccato alarm call.

Alpacas display a variety of natural colours, with around 22 basic fibre colours and many variations and blends. Alpaca fibre has a cellular structure similar to hair and is more resilient and much more robust than Merino sheep wool.

Alpacas are primarily social herd animals, and their only defence is to run. They feel safest in multiple numbers and have a very strong herding instinct. It proves best to not have just one alpaca.

Alpacas are known to need the companionship of at least one other alpaca to thrive.

Hassall ALPacas gift shop

Did you know we have an Alpaca gift shop?

Visit our Alpaca gift shop, we manufacture handmade Alpaca goods made from our very own Alpaca fleeces, as well as offering other Alpaca related giftware and collectables.

 Visit our on-site shop or find out more on our Facebook Page here

Hassall Alpacas Terms and Conditions:

In the interests of your safety and in order to ensure you have a fantastic day at Hassall Alpacas, we kindly request that you read the following information.

· All bookings are non-refundable. Once you commit to purchase, you agree to visit on your chosen booking date only.
· In the event you cant attend your confirmed booking date, please let us know 7 days before the booking date.
· Last-minute cancellations are non-refundable.
· If weather conditions on your booked day are deemed as extreme, dangerous or not safe to take part in the walk, we have the right to cancel and re-arrange bookings.
· Whilst taking part in the Alpaca walk, if any guest’s behaviour towards any animals or staff members are deemed unacceptable, you will be asked to leave our site.
· Smoking is not permitted whilst in the vicinity of or whilst handling Hassall Alpacas animals.
· Please ensure that before your Alpaca Experience day, you make a point of checking our local weather forecast and dress responsibly for the conditions on the day. We strongly recommend wellington boots or walking boots fit for outdoor terrain.
· Hassall Alpacas reserve the right to refuse admission to our Alpaca Experiences if we consider a member of your party to be wearing inappropriate footwear for the conditions, such as high-heels or open-toed sandals.
· Children below the age of 12 are not permitted to walk our alpacas without at least one responsible accompanying adult per child. We can’t accept only one adult accompanying numerous children.

Thank You!