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Hassall Alpacas meet & greet

Meet The Team Herd

Alpacas Meet & greet


Hassall Alpacas Meet & Greet | Our Alpacas are gentle, calm creatures; they’re intelligent and live peaceful lives. The softer and quieter you are with them and the slower your movements, the more responsive they will be around you. Alpacas are amiable animals and can make an impressive range of sounds. Walking with them is truly an unforgettable experience!

Hassall Alpacas Meet & Greet
A little introduction to our furry Alpaca team.

We’re sure you’ll find our incredibly cute Alpacas to be adorable and somewhat cheeky!

Visit Hassall Alpacas to meet our furry team, get up close and engage with our super-friendly Alpacas.

Be sure to book one of our Alpaca experience options; We’re sure you’ll fall for their personable charms!


Barney is an 8-year-old Hucaya male. Very much Fred’s best mate, he loves to eat his food out of your hand. He is brown in colour.

Alpacas meet & greet with Fred


Fred is an 8-year-old Suri male. He is super greedy and always tries to pinch all the food. His ears are never pointing in the same direction, one always flops to the side! He is brown in colour with fleece-like dreadlocks.

Alpacas Meet & Greet with Stan


Stan is an 8-year-old Hucaya male. He is extremely chilled out and not fazed by much. He waits patiently for his food. He is white in colour.

Alpacas meet& greet nina


5-year-old Hucaya female. Pregnant with cria, due July.
She just likes to stand and watch what’s going on.
She likes to hum a lot!


This is Ponty. He is a Hucaya Alpaca that's 6 years old.
Ponty is a cheeky boy who likes his food... A lot!

Alpacas meet & greet lucille


Lucille is a 9-year-old Hucaya female. She's Pregnant with Cria and is due in July. Our Lucille loves being fed chopped up carrots and a tickle under her chin!


Snowflake is 4 years old and a hucaya alpaca, she is so friendly and loves a stroke.
Snowflake also likes a good nibble and appreciates her food a lot!


Meet Honeysuckle, she is Snowflake's incredibly cute daughter and is so sweet and gentle. She loves running about and hiding in the grass.

Cyril Black

Cyril Black is also a new addition to Hassall Alpacas, he's a hucaya and is a lorra, lorra cheeky! Cyril is only 13 months old, but will eventually join our other boys out walking.

Fun Facts about Alpacas

Find out more amazing Alpaca facts Here

  • Alpacas‘ average life span is 20 years. …
  • Alpacas are relatively clean animals. …
  • Alpacas don’t usually spit. …
  • Alpacas are usually safe to be around. …
  • There are only two breeds of Alpacas. …
  • Alpacas cannot live alone. …
  • Alpacas are vegetarian.

Hassall Alpacas Terms and Conditions:

In the interests of your safety and in order to ensure you have a fantastic day at Hassall Alpacas, we kindly request that you read the following information.

· All bookings are non-refundable. Once you commit to purchase, you agree to visit on your chosen booking date only.
· In the event you cant attend your confirmed booking date, please let us know 7 days before the booking date.
· Last-minute cancellations are non-refundable.
· If weather conditions on your booked day are deemed as extreme, dangerous or not safe to take part in the walk, we have the right to cancel and re-arrange bookings.
· Whilst taking part in the Alpaca walk, if any guest’s behaviour towards any animals or staff members are deemed unacceptable, you will be asked to leave our site.
· Smoking is not permitted whilst in the vicinity of or whilst handling Hassall Alpacas animals.
· Please ensure that before your Alpaca Experience day, you make a point of checking our local weather forecast and dress responsibly for the conditions on the day. We strongly recommend wellington boots or walking boots fit for outdoor terrain.
· Hassall Alpacas reserve the right to refuse admission to our Alpaca Experiences if we consider a member of your party to be wearing inappropriate footwear for the conditions, such as high-heels or open-toed sandals.
· Children below the age of 12 are not permitted to walk our alpacas without at least one responsible accompanying adult per child. We can’t accept only one adult accompanying numerous children.

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